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Digital COVID certificates

Austria is opening up with vaccination, test and recovery certificates – simple, safe and verifiable.

Das sind Gamze, Georg und Gina. Gamze ist genesen, Georg ist geimpft und Gina ist getestet. Auf dieser Website können sie sich über den Grünen Pass informieren.
Gültige Zertifikate mit EU-konformem QR-Code: ausgedruckt in Papierform oder digital am Smartphone, zum Beispiel in der Grünen Pass App.

How do I get my certificate?

The EU Digital COVID Certificates can easily be retrieved with an electronic signature via mobile phone (mobile phone signature for short) from gesundheit.gv.at. All certificates with EU-compliant QR codes can be shown when required either electronically or in printed form in combination with photo ID. Already existing forms of evidence can also continue to be used in Austria.

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Georg, Gina und Gamze haben Fragen zum Grünen Pass, ihren Zertifikaten und der 3-G-Regel.

What? When? How?

There are lots of questions about the topics of the EU Digital COVID Certificates, certificates and the vaccination – test – recovery rule (referred to as the 2-G rule in Austria). In the questions and answers section you can find a collection of the most important FAQs. If something is not clear, or you have a question which has not been answered, the hotline of the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) can be contacted in relation to the coronavirus and the EU Digital COVID Certificates. It is open 24/7 on 0800 555 621.

Service FAQ EU Digital COVID Certificates AGES form for faulty certificates

The vaccinated – tested – recovered rule since May

  • Officially recognised vaccination pass (paper)
  • Vaccination card
  • electronic vaccination card (gesundheit.gv.at)
  • Officially recognised test result (printed out or electronic)
  • Self-isolation order
  • Medical certificate
  • Evidence of neutralising antibodies

Certificates since June

Österreichkarte mit Zertifikaten

In addition to providing evidence of vaccination, a test or recovery, certificates with EU-compliant QR codes are also valid.

  • Vaccination certificate
  • Test certificate
  • Certificate of recovery

Retrievable from gesundheit.gv.at →

In the EU since July

Landkarte von Europa mit Zertifikaten

From July, certificates with an EU-compliant QR code are valid:

  • in the EU
  • in EEA states
  • in Switzerland

Inform yourself in good time about additional entry regulations in the country you wish to visit at bmeia.gv.at →

Real-time information about the entry regulations of EU Member States is also available from: reopen.europa.eu/de →